Dental Implants

Living with a missing tooth takes a toll on many aspects of your daily life.

Your nutrition is affected because you may be unable to properly chew many foods. Your confidence is impacted because you might feel embarrassed about talking or smiling in front of other people.

And did you know that your compromised tooth is also impacting your oral health?

The good news is Dr. Corn offers comprehensive implant dentistry – the best solution for replacing one or more missing teeth.

How Does a Missing Tooth Affect My Oral Health?

When your root is lost, your bone has nothing left to support and it begins to deteriorate. This is dangerous since it erodes support for your remaining teeth. Meanwhile, your healthy teeth will begin to shift into the open space, causing an increased risk of a misaligned bite and damage to your teeth.

It’s important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible since it can quickly become a slippery slope for more tooth loss.

How Can Dental Implants Help?

A dental implant replaces your tooth and your root, and this protects the integrity of your oral health. There’s no other tooth replacement option that offer these benefits.

Your root is replaced with a biocompatible titanium post that Dr. Corn will place into your bone during a surgical procedure. Your implant is then give a period of 3 to 5 months to heal and integrate with your bone. This creates a firm and stable foundation for your new tooth – a porcelain crown.

Dr. Corn will customize your crown to match both the form and esthetics of your natural tooth. Your implant crown will function just like your tooth, which means you’ll be back to smiling with confidence and chewing with ease in no time.

Brushing and flossing are also easy when you have a dental implant, and your new tooth offers great longevity. With regular checkups at Corn Family Dentistry and excellent home care, your implant can potentially last for a lifetime. 

Is a Dental Implant Right for Me?

Dr. Corn can determine whether dental implants will work for your situation using x-rays and an examination. We use 3-D x-rays to determine if there’s enough healthy bone present to successfully support your implant. If there’s not, Dr. Corn may suggest a grafting procedure to build up your bone structure.

Patients of Corn Family Dentistry appreciate that Dr. Corn can guide them through the implant process from start to finish at both of our convenient locations in Franklin and Edinburgh, whether you need a bone graft or a standard implant procedure. Since many dentists refer their patients to specialists for the surgical stage of implant treatment, our patients love the fact that they can work with Dr. Corn and his team the entire time.

If you’re ready to reclaim your smile and your confidence, contact Corn Family Dentistry today to schedule your implant consultation.